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Let me hear you call my name.

More than words.
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Always at the limits in th midst of everything.
I love to express what I feel or share any post that i find it relevant.
So, it's quite boring.
Sorry, i just don't live to please anyone.

You know you love me, too.
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Chapter of my life.
Sunday, March 25, 2012
"I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away fire away.
Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away, fire away.
Shoot me down, but i won't fall. I am titanium."

Just get over fact that i'm done with you please. All these moments doesn't wish to come back for you. Talking back bout th past wouldn't help you neither. Lets get this straight, i may be spending all my wishful happy times with you, but honestly keeping myself towards you is th most selfish thing someone would do for me. I appreciate every moments we've done together, everything. But what hurts me is that, i don't see th true self in me when i'm w you, i've changed th moment i'm w you. I'm not being the real me as much as i could possibly trying to. I'm sorry, but i just can't go on w th characteristic in you. Don't hold me back, because i'm not looking back this time. No not a second chance. I'm so sorry, but doubt that this gives an impact to you, you should move on in life without having me all th time. Yes, i'm sure i'll be doing good, and you would be doing good too.

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