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Let me hear you call my name.

More than words.
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Always at the limits in th midst of everything.
I love to express what I feel or share any post that i find it relevant.
So, it's quite boring.
Sorry, i just don't live to please anyone.

You know you love me, too.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012
Wazzap my dear dead blog. How am i?

I'm doing good here, i guess. People do come and go right? So now, for people wise i'm just testing out who's willing to stay for a really long time. Come and go wise? Fuck off. Call me arrogant, call me for being stuck up but i don't socialize w times that requires lots of unknown people. Yes, i am friendly but towards some people, let me emphasis on my word some. No, i don't look up when a group passing by, don't ask me why. I have two different types of personality, how? See for yourself till you know me well. I maybe kind on others, or sometimes too kinds.. But once you stepped over th line, that's it. Get th mentality fact straight.


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