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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm pree sure i'm being a stucked up kid against this pain in th ass class advisor. Hopefully that PITACA ( Pain In The Ass Class Advisor ) will no longer be teaching me th next semester or else, i would be probably shrinking my grades down depending on what module that PITACA teacher gonna teach. 

Speaking of new class advisor, it means i'll be switching over a new class. Sadly. Unfortunately. Now who will i be clique up w huh? Hi my new class, I'm Umairah and i'll be your arrogant classmate for th semester. Why did i say arrogant? Ha, because some people first impression of me is arrogant. Nyaw, it's okay. I'll be choosing which will be my next "ignoring buddy" - Hopefully no one. 

And hopefully i'll be getting into my specialization which is Biologic and that also depends on my GPA. I screwed up my finals and by that i hope my past class test would pull me up. And speaking of specialization, there would be a briefing tomorrow and of course th Blaze Camp Briefing!  


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