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Friday, June 1, 2012
Hello, i'm currently feeling so emotionally down. I have no idea, is it because i laughed too much during earlier on? Well maybe. So topic for today would be "love" ha. ha. ha. You know i really dislike, that word. I mean like i don't really trust whenever people says that. Action speaks louder than words. Sorry. I'm not a lovey dovey person, why? I had enough. I'm not prepare to fall for another shit moments, but if i did... then time will tell how i act upon it. Time will tell how i would be prepared for another moments to fall on for. Time will tell on how i would stand up once i reached down.

I see things differently, no i'm not trying to say i'm different but in perspective of view i don't like to see things they way people normally see, how they assume by peoples view, on what they judge and how they say. I'm weird? No. I just truly being myself. 

Ha but who cares if i am? That's their problem, they don't know my stories and they don't know what i've gone thru. I'm not being a single free bitch, i rather stay away myself from people because socializing to many people would cause judgement, and judgement leads to lots of badmouthing fuckers. That's why i stick to small groups. 

I'm being friendly, i've no intention of flirting. I don't understand why some people, would just fell for me and being so sad th fact i have no feelings for them. Come on! It makes me pisses out even more. When i'm into one, i'll just stick to one. Once you leave, i'll let it go. Once you come back, i'll think twice. Love won't go unless you're not meant to be together. You can't force things to happen right?


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