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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yes, this is me. 
I really sucks in describing my ownself because i just........... don't. But you can't blame me. So apparently, what's relationship without trust? It would be like a stone on an uneven edge. I can't trust people easily neither do i want people trust to me. I would feel more insecure in a relationship, i have no idea why. People expect so much in this, and i feel like i can't even be th expectation they want and due to this i wouldn't be at my best. I'm not gonna wish to be th best, but i'll try. Just don't expect much on me cos i know i wouldn't give it all. I don't know my strength and weaknesses.

And please, i'll never try and use someone in a relationship. Like come on, fuck you if you're just gonna say that. Hinting on money, who th fuck wants to use you for money. It's th thoughts and sincerity that counts. If you're just gonna say i'm using money and time, then screw yourself. Like hello, i rather date w someone who is broke but w a humble heart rather then dating w someone who have th thoughts that i'm a money minded. I don't care bout money la dumb, i care bout someone who have a good soul. Who wants your money? I have my own fucking money. Who th fuck are you to call me a spoilt rich brat? My parents don't spoils me, i don't get things that i want sometimes but when i do i would bloody hell appreciates it and ya if you think it's wasting your time then your effort has gone. No matter how good or bad things would happen just cherish your time. Everything happened for a reason. 

 Some people just don't have th heart and appreciates one another. No matter how shitty my relationship was that i've gone thru i would think twice for now, i'm afraid to get hurt over th same reasons. No matter how cliche i would say, this will be happen. I wouldn't be setting my hopes high, cos i believe if things were meant to be that way than it will. 

" Expect th best, prepare for th worst"


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