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Primary School.
Friday, October 26, 2012
Primary school times, where th first time i was really excited to look to everytime, my very first CCA was table tennis which i find it's th most stupidest cca i've went w Afiqah. Primary 2 is when i've joined malay dance and then were force to quit because it clashes with my Religious class which is on th Saturday. Then stood up to primary 3, i've thrown to th second last class, 3G. Where i've first became a monitress, which i find it really amusing now. Where i tried lots of cca from swimming to Malay dance. Where i first started to learn floorball, and learnt to work in a team. Where i've gotten a free floorball stick during a tournament for being the 3 "best" player for that point of time among other primary school. That's one of my best achievement back then. On that same year we had our first Malay Dance SYF which we managed to get Silver award.

Not till primary 4, i've been thru bullying in school. Fights & backstabbing, from there where i've learn not trust people easily because people might just step over your head. This happened when i've still in Malay Dance. That year we opened up a pasirian hockey team where we're th first batch to experience it. It was when we had our very first hockey match against St Nicholas Girls Primary School, and winning them by 4-0. Another achievement for me is when i concede th very first goal on our very first match, eventho' it was just a friendly game following goals was by the captain, vice captain and i forget who. For the Inter school Hockey tournament, we managed to fight & won Second placing on first year of playing it. Huge accomplishment for us tho!

 Following year was P5 where we had our 2nd year of Hockey but were dropped to th 3rd & 4th placing during our Hockey Interschool, abut still i manage to concede th goals during a death penalty. Next was our Malay Dance SYF and managed to get th Silver award again. Right up was our p5 camp, @ Changi. Where 5 of us were scolded for staying in the bunk, during our activities when actually our teacher said we could. How mean was she. I remembered during our kayaking time i was hit with the paddle by my friend which was not on purpose! Good times, and getting a blue carribeana for being th "girl best camper" in my group. Another achievement for me. Great good times, when we went to the NDP preview @ The Kallang stadium. 1995 kids were th last batch ever to be feel that atmosphere. Remembered that i fell asleep while waiting for our school name to be called inorder for us to get home.

As for primary 6, i don't remember if we're still on our CCA or we stopped. But all i remembered we had a dance programme for those who was interested and so i did joined w Afiqah. Some epic shit thing happened, but we absolutely enjoy it. The year where i'm at my worst by not studying for my PSLE much, since we chilled out once we finished our paper, and by far th worst is when Dad was admitted to th hospital for Thyroid, during my upcoming maths paper where i just sat in th ward trying to practice my maths. 

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