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Almost done with my Saturday.
Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finally the weekends are kicking in! 

Despite th pretty tough week in school for my common test which i did pree badly for one of the modules, but its deserving tho' th fact that i hv no interest in that module at all. Next week is another round of hell, and end of this month is our final examinations. Oh god. 

So i've been into drawings lately, reviving back all my drawing moments back then wondering why didn't i took any art course or so knowing that i do have a really strong interest in art since young, especially shading. Back in sec 3 i wanted to put go to th art class but.................................... I have a reason for that and will not mention to offend. 

By that, i'm pree sure i'm too late to join any art school or so th fact that i'm stuck in this brain cracking science course. Not that i hate this course but, it's..... Plant. No not flower. Fuck it. Yes i love science, but only specific topics. 

  • "Left handers are highly imaginative and emotional" 
  • "Left handers always think in pictures"
I may agree on th pictures part, resulting of reblogging 3k pictures on tumblr.

Time check its 11.34pm, a few minutes more and baam! Saturday's done. Spent my day w my parents to the opposite side of Sg and spending 60+ bucks cabbing to different place and back here in Pasir Ris. Crazy.

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