And i leave before as long as i will.

Let me hear you call my name.

More than words.
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Always at the limits in th midst of everything.
I love to express what I feel or share any post that i find it relevant.
So, it's quite boring.
Sorry, i just don't live to please anyone.

You know you love me, too.
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Cos it'll be the last thing that i do.
Friday, March 1, 2013
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Cheerios Hello Monsters.
Been a hectic week for me, eventhough my test hasn't officially end.
Too occupied with CCA's and projects, schools. I need a break.

Anyway, it's officially March! Febuary went by too quick that i didn't even realised it. Which means it's gonna be our half a year together. It was so fast! From times, where i wasn't close to you, times where you were so kind while i'm not appreciating, i just got to admit my action was so fucked up towards you. 

Patience. Care. Honesty.
I love you, now. 

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