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School. Phone.
Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rusty blog is rusty....

Wtv it is, i've enjoyed this past few weeks tho. Trade in my old ip4s, for a new sexy black phone * Jeng jeng jeng * Nothing new actually, it's just that the quality of this phone is more sharper ;) I just love how all black  the phone is without th casing but apparently the consquences without a casing is pree' insane. So guess what? Yay, an inexpensive total black casing for my Mr. Sexy *.*
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Asides then that, school had begun and examinations is coming by so soon. Attachment afterwards, it's almost half a year and then attachment and then.... i'm done with my Year 2. Nooo.............. Btw, i've pree screw up with my Biologics phase test and theory test. Doubt that i'm gonna fail the whole module because i had a C for my phase test while i failed my theory by 2 freaking marks which equivalent to 10 marks. Kns. 

But overall i've pass everything except... Krik... Krik... B..i..o...logics. Still in doubts that i've done badly for it. But whats past is past, fuck it. Still having a heavy heart for my attachment because it's like at the end of Singapore while i'm at the other end of it. Imagine Pasir Ris to Jurong/ Tuas... Die. So much of waking up early. Whatever it is i had my choices in attachment :
  1. Laboratories
  2. Pharmeucitical
  3. Office Works
  4. DCS Company ( not sure )
  5. Petrochemical
  6. CPTC

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