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Working life.
Friday, June 21, 2013
4 Months, 1 week, 1 day.
Where every thing started, where i had given a wake up call.
Internships/ attachment had started. Where we started to seperate for a week.

My interns was a pree bad one as what i thought it'll be, just like the place.
With a low pay of just three digit which it normally would. Worsen with 12 hours.

Stranded with 98% of foreigner in my company, it was an exile.
As normally would, talking is one of my habit but for this, it might be a difficulty for me.
 Slowly, communicating with them is getting better even if it' worth the try.

China citizens/ malaysians are majority, singaporeans are minority here.
But it's alright, they are not as what i thought it would be in fact they are friendly lovely people.
But not as i would think, miscommunication might happened here. 

For whatever reasons to happen, all i would care is my grade.
Nothing more, just my grade and not my pay even if they were to pay $82 a day of OT.
Like my dad said, i'm not supporting anyone so why i need this money? Good point.

Afterall, the ones that will be getting this impact is my individual self.
I'm sitting for my grades, i'm taking my exams, i'm presenting my powerpoints.
I should be feeling that nervous wreck over grades and not the nervous wreck of going to work right?

Yes that's it. I'm concentrating over the grades.
I should be independant because in this company, i had no one. No students, no coursemate.
No teacher to rely on, no lecturer to teach me. I'm on my own. 

Literally stranded alone, why? The others are in other department, and how's that?
Different buildings, different department, different sections. 

3 students. 2 seperate buildings. 
2 students, building 50, 1 student building 12.

And that's me under the category of 1 student, working alone in this department.
Sad life, but reality slapped me hard. I need to get out from my comfort zone and live with it.
Get the taste of people who are willing to go through this throughout their life. Every single day.

I might felt so bad over getting this company, but i'm not the worst to go through this.
Need to end this right and endure till 8th November, i can do this.
There are people outside who's even worst then me, so i'm thankful for this. Alhamdulilah.

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