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Friday, July 26, 2013
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Hello y'all, the weekends are finally here *sigh of relief*
Spent my Friday with my cheeky girl, Nisha! Haven't met her for quite awhile.
Supposingly Afiqah should be here but, last minute... She can't make it! 
That is saddening......................................... :(

Anyways, had a really hella of best times catching up on our lives of interns.
Boo, you just gotta say interns are taking our time, in a good way? Maybe. Somehow.
But yeah, went to Cineleisure Pastamania to break my fast as Eighteen Chef was heck up so full.
So I ordered Turkey Ham Cheesy Crumble while Nisha had cheese lover pizza.
Didn't ordered drinks tho' cos supposingly we wanted to try artease but........ Meh.

Walked around in Somerset 313 and gotten my heels there for the upcoming Raya.
As you guys might know, we have a pretty same taste when it comes to shoes. Heels.
So with the help of her I've managed to get this pair under a sale v^_^v


And yes we've gotten a earrings with a cuff each and exchange one side with each other.
Because, isn't funny to use both side cuffing? Hehe.

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So that sums up my Friday evening/ night!

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