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Saturday, July 27, 2013
Happy Saturday, Happy Weekends!
Marks another week of meeting you, but sadly we'll be meeting only once this week. Needless to say, we had a great time today. Gotten two things, a bodycon floral tube @ Bershka which is in the freaking sale rack!!! Went a lil crazy for moment just the fact that I've eyed on that freaking top months back when it is still in the New Collection section. So i just had to grab it since.. yknow.. it's on sale. 

Asides then that I've gotten a floral dress, which I'm not quite satisfied with it, but hey it's okay cheap thrill so... meh. But whatever it is, i'm into floral patterns right now i don't know why. Break fast @ Bugic Junction KFC then head our way to Haji Lane. Pree cool shop around but damn th prices........... Some were ok but some were a lil bit on the pricey side which I'm not interested to get on. So boooooo.

 MAMA SHOP, literally sells old school stuffs from biscuit in tins to tora tora to glassed Coca Cola which I've gotten it for $1.50. More expensive then my house minimart (HAHA) but it's ok because I'm so into glassed Coke and th thing is I brought home the bottle. *peace*

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