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All about songs.
Saturday, August 17, 2013

Same music title, completely different story. 
This two might be my favourite song but i'll always love the one by Daughter, that I'd discovered way earlier  then by Foxes which I've just discovered today. 

It's either by lyrics or the melody/ beat drops.

I have a pretty sadistic taste when it comes to music because that's how I live by if that makes sense? Well basically no, so whatever. Needless to say, i listened by indie/ postrock songs most of the times at night which are basically out of th league on most people taste in music but it's okay because i rather listen it on my own "leave me alone" kind of nights where i'll spend hours listening to songs at youtube just randomly clicking through th side bars related song. Does anyone do that too? Not much people listened to these types of song tho, sadly because for me i'm the type that who would feel in for th song. I don't necessarily listened to same beats till the end, or the same meaningless lyrics or typical top board rihanna or justin bieber or one direction or whoever i mean like it's not they have awful song it's just that i don't but maybe i would sing sometimes on certain crazy moments. Haha.

Besides then being a sadistic taste type in song, i swear this might be the happiest hippy kind of songs that I discovered. Freaking cute song, i don't know why. All i could discribe this song is Joy.

Just sharing by my all time favourite song which i'll listened to it most of the time, no matter how long it'll be it would always be my favourite song.

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