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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pree hecked up with work right now till i've no time to even update my blog. Well asides then that, i'm left with 2 months of internship! Ahh, th freedom awaits me, lurking around the corner. *winks 

Ok so basically, had really good Saturday with my silly love, to celebrate our belated 1 year Anniversary which fell last Wednesday but apparently interns have to block our way from meeting each other. So yeah, only solutions... Weekends. Would thank him for treating me lunch @ Sakura Shabu Shabu Charcoal Grill & Buffet which locates at Marina Country Club. Do you know how deep th place is?! And we missed our shuttle bus back to Seng Kang and the next bus will be in 2 hours time i mean what th hell.. So we cabbed. 

Oh! He surprised me a Guess Charm Bracelet, i mean it's cute. Super to be exact, it's adorbs *.*  Wore it on the spot th whole day, hehe because i love charm bracelets. Well he could surprise me and i don't when i gotten for him a shoe but i can't hide it because th reason are obvious enough that my bag can't fit a big paper bag. So i gave him th moment we met, bahaha.

So sad thing happened during that day skirt..................there's black grease..... I mean do you know how it felt to use a brand new skirt and then a bloody hell grease appeared up on your skirt th worst thing it can't be removed easily so that moment i went fml. So yeah, luckily we're at vivo, and H&M saved my life somehow that i bought a dress which i had th wrong size and can't be exchange because i told th worker to cut away th tag. 

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