And i leave before as long as i will.

Let me hear you call my name.

More than words.
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Always at the limits in th midst of everything.
I love to express what I feel or share any post that i find it relevant.
So, it's quite boring.
Sorry, i just don't live to please anyone.

You know you love me, too.
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Little expectation
Friday, October 11, 2013
Expectation of everything, perfectionist, things should go according as what i planned in mind.
Characteristic i've had, i've lived by, adapted by my parents, high expectations, oddly choose one.

No ideal for cancelled plans unless i'm too fucked up tired to ask again.
I'm fast in leaving if i find things is a waste of time, or go differently.

In doubts of leaving my little "interest"
Not sure if it's because i've loose interest or just hate the fact of the way of communication has been.
Yes, hate is a strong word, and yes i'm emotionally using that word.

How amazing fast their respond is.
How amazing that cliques are forming.
How amazing that we're getting closer like "Ohana"

Ohana, doesn't leave anyone else behind. No one.
It's like since away had begun, it starts falling, collapsing, theorically.
I won't know if you all would even understand the way i potray i've typed but i could only say this :

It's not a good thing i've potrayed.

I'm not sure if the current communication has been down the drain.
Sorry for this, i've grown in teaming up sports game so i've expected this w you all
Initiative, proactive, supportive, where is it?

I see none. It's always Manual, which is disgusting.

I had this choice of leaving.
I chose not to, even if i had to choose between floorball & my interest.
Polite. IVP, i've pushed my big chances.
Why? I chose my interest.

Even if i purposely play all shit and didn't turn up on the days for my floorball selections,
just because i wanted to continue and practice for my interest.
Needly to say, i feel like i'm losing my interest as well.

To think it over i could just persue my floorball,
since i was 9-12 and i started back last year 2012, 4 years of no floorball.
I've chose my 1 year little interest over my 6 years floorball.

But now, i want it back, i always want to be back for floorball.
But i chose not to because of this, how enthusiastic it had been last time.
With situations like how it is, i'm in doubts of leaving.

I shall just stick to one, as i always had no matter what it is.
I don't wish to waste anymore time and effort,
unless things would change i would consider to stay but for now,
I'm sorry.

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