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So, it's quite boring.
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I care about my future.
Monday, February 17, 2014
At little update in what i'm doing right now.
Thought I would be free since I'm not schooling for not, but no. 
I started working @ Quiksilver as a temporary full time

Schedule too packed, my work schedule wasn't fixed so my weekends is my weekdays as well.
Well, i have these tons of question on why did I chose to go to the school that i've got into.
 For real, i won't be going to higher nitec, so, farewell ITE it's been a pleasure.

As you guys might know I am accepted to Lasalle College of the arts.
Yes, there goes all my friends would be like why? The fact that i have no art background.
I never took arts during secondary school, except basics sec 1/2 times.

With 4 artworks completed in 12 hours, 6 artworks done everyday after work till late night.
I myself didn't expect to be accepted with my two weeks old portfolio.
Needless to say, with the tough brainwrecking two fucking hours of interview,
I could just thank Allah for his blessings and made me into th school.

Little might know how much I'm into certain kind of arts.
It's just that I don't bloom out my interest and share it with my friends.
Self learning, random drawings, doodles in books, decorating diaries, all those small stuffs.
That's what i occasionally did during school or outside, the rest..........

It'll be a fresh start for my new school, start from zero, start from scratch.
I could just say that this is my life motto  -
It doesn't matter, just keep on trying. How slow paced, how far behind you are, You're willing to try and strive hard to prove those teachers and people who used to look down on you the fact that yoou're academically weak in your general studies. You have strengthes & you have weaknesses. Just stand up, carry on and don't look back. Don't stop in things that you love doing, don't admire it but work on it because in the end it is you who'll be planning out your own future.

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