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Dear future me
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
To my future self,

I hope you're doing well right now, you may be married & maybe you're not. Are you still with Irfan?If you are, Alhamdulilah, Irfan kept his promise. I've already set a goal back then, inshaallah. Are you successful now or are you still struggling with yourself still? If you are, alhamdulilah. If you're not, keep in mind just like you always have, everything happened for a reason because Allah knows the best for you. You are your own healer. I hope you've started your solat, because secretly, mak and abah always wanted to see you solat because you're the youngest and the only one who haven't start all these. Did you managed to finished Lasalle? Because I hope you do. Back then, you're aiming for degree but if you didn't then it's okay, Allah knows the best for you. But if you do again, alhamdulilah. What are you doing now? Advertising just like Abah wanted you to? Or maybe you're working in broadcasting media just like Abah or you're in a complete different career path? In whatever path you are, it's meant to be for you even if you're working as a cleaner. Bersyukur :) 

In case you've turned into someone that mak and abah doesn't like, your appearance or your action, no matter what, keep your gratitude attitude like you always do. If you are succesful now, alhamdulilah, keep it low and humble. Abah is your role model, he works hard for his family and always wanted the best for his daughter which is you and akak(s). Be like him. How is mak doing now? Is she having fun taking care of her grandson? How old is Ilhan and Khalish now? Is there anymore nephews or nieces? If you're married now, I hope you're like mak. She always wakes up early for Subuh just to prepare us for either work or school eventhough you always didn't eat the breakfast she made for you because you're either late or you forget to take the food she packed for you. You know yourself, you're very guilty for it because you upset her eventhough she didn't mention anything because you know how to read your parents body languages.

I hope you're stronger now. I really hope you do. Will you ever look back and regret every wrong choices you made? If you do, don't be. Like you always had in mind, everything happened for a reason because Allah knows the best for you. If its meant to be, it will be, that stigma quote you always had. I hope you're doing well.

19 turning 20 in 25 days time.

(continuation later, battery is dying and i have my work tmr!)

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