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Sorry, i just don't live to please anyone.

You know you love me, too.
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I'm sorry
Monday, July 6, 2015
I'm sorry for being like this.
I'm sorry for not being the girl you're expecting me to be.
I'm sorry that I couldn't stop myself from all these bullshit.
I'm sorry if you said this is a choice I made.
I'm sorry for the silence.
I'm sorry that you couldn't accept this part of me.
I'm sorry that I would blame you for not giving the time I wanted.
I'm sorry for being myself.
I'm sorry I couldn't explain what it feels like to be me.
I'm sorry for reading dark quotes because you said it will defines myself.
I'm sorry that I would stay up late.
I'm sorry if inflicting myself affects you.
I'm sorry that being myself affects our relationship.
I'm sorry that there's nothing you could do.

I don't want to destroy us but I'm destroying myself.
I hope you understand that this isn't the choice that I wanted.
I hope you understand that reminding myself what I did was wrong isn't helping me.

Both of us have different perspectives and like you said, opposite attracts but you said that I'm repelling. I've pushed myself away to draw in tighter with you love. Allah knows the amount of time I've said that you deserves better instead of myself because it hurts you seeing me like this, I've always knew and I couldn't fathom these pain that you don't deserve. 

I've once told you to stay, but today you told me to.

Just to let you know through hard time or how feelings will fade I would always stay. I've once lost the person I love and I couldn't bare to leave you despite me being like this. It's the question you should ask because no matter how bad the situations get, leaving you isn't in my choice my love.

I'm sorry if I dissappoint you because I am always in guilt to have you dealing with a girl that couldn't even help herself at times. 

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