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Holiday is here!
Sunday, May 1, 2016
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I don't even know what to type. I had so much in my head currently but i couldn't even form a sentence on what I'm trying to say. So yes, hello, a little update, I know this blog is quite dead but you know it's still here so... metaphorically it's still alive (tiny bit) - Whatever. 

Currently, I'm having my 3 months long holiday. I swear long holidays can be pretty boring sometimes, right? Hm. Well asides from that, i'm proceeding to year 3 - Final year!!!!!! I'm looking forward but at the same time I don't. Will be back ya.  So, how's year 2? Honestly, it was great despite the fact that i screwed up at some certain point. Again, I just need to mention on how happy I am to actually be in this school. School might sucks sometimes but with a satisfying grades and the fact that I have no absolute regret joining Lasalle, it's worth it to be here I'm not going to lie. 

I've discover things about myself, be it good or bad ; Either way, atleast for once I'm doing something I don't mind risking the same way I risked myself applying here. Turning over a new leaf was what I did and intimidation was what I felt through out my year one because I felt like a small kid eager to learn more. Because of that, it gets me motivated. You know that feeling when you're restricted to do something but suddenly it's all free to do? That feeling where you don't mind how your works like no matter how bad it is because the process intrigues you to do more? The feeling when you get to study the things you wished to study? 

It feels like a fucking wish come true.

Be it with a sufficient education, 
I've promised myself to learn more than the school has to offer us students. 

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